Why should I choose Wonder Time?

So… you’re pregnant! Congratulations!  Are you thinking about names, gender reveal parties, and making a super awesome scrapbook of pregnancy memories? SO much to plan and to do, it’s a very exciting time of any woman’s life. You might also be thinking about elective ultrasound.

Elective ultrasound is a fee-based service, offered at individual studios. The ultrasound is not for any medical purpose.  We only employ experienced, registered sonographers at our studio, and we adhere to the same safety practices that we would at the hospital or outpatient center. At Wonder Time LLC, your comfort and enjoyment are the main concerns. Getting beautiful images of your baby, and saving them in a digital format is part of what we do.  Bringing your family together to celebrate the new life that is growing in your belly, is also part of our service.

We offer an early gender determination package starting at 12 weeks. Historically, that has been too soon to determine gender. New technology and a clinically studied method are allowing us to determine gender much sooner. If you are planning a gender reveal, we can also help with that. Calling someone and telling them, sealing it in an envelope, putting a BOY or GIRL Heartbeat Bear into a special gender reveal box, you name it! We enjoy seeing you happy and excited about your baby!

As you get further along in your pregnancy, discomfort and a changing body image may make you feel not so great. We have the perfect way to relax and remember that it is all worth it. Around 30 weeks, we offer an HD 3D 4D session that you and your loved ones will never forget. See every precious detail of your baby’s face.  See smiles, yawns, and a glimpse of the little personality growing inside. Start to feel more bonded with your baby, as you feel and see the movements simultaneously.

Here’s what some of our happy families have to say about us:

“This was such an amazing experience that I never had with my past two pregnancies. To be able to see so clearly what the baby we will be meeting in 10 short weeks looks like was just incredible! I’m so glad we got to experience this and that this 3d/4d/HD technology exists now to take advantage of being my very last pregnancy. It was such a treat to see and receive photos and clips of his movements on usb and his heartbeat recorded on the heart beat bear to share with him in years to come and the older kids now. Glenda was so wonderful and so patient as the baby wasn’t exactly cooperating the whole time and kept hiding his face, but she got some really great images and recordings of his movements, I was just in awe the whole time, and the time you get during the visit is so reasonable and you don’t feel rushed at all. It was a very enjoyable experience and absolutely worth it! I would recommend wondertime to anyone looking for a great, memorable 3d/4d ultrasound experience that you won’t get from any regular doctors office visits. ”  -Katie

“I can not say enough positive things about my experience with Glenda at Wonder Time. From start to finish, my husband and I were impressed.

From the second Glenda introduced herself, I instantly felt comfortable and excited about seeing our babies. Yes, babies. We’re expecting twins, and this woman has the patience of a saint. The room the ultrasound was done in was beautiful and cozy. The bed was super comfortable. (Please don’t underestimate how important this.) The screen for viewing is very large, and perfectly placed to comfortably watch the whole time. The machine Glenda uses is seriously awesome. I’ve never seen such clear ultrasound photos.

Our baby girl was being very “shy” (aka wouldn’t turn her head), but Glenda was so patient and was able to get some amazing pics of both of our babies. We never felt rushed or like we were on a time limit. If you’re still reading, stop and just book the appointment! You will not be disappointed!!”   -Danielle

At Wonder Time, we always welcome your feedback and suggestions. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more memorable or enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to ask! And if you are still wondering why you would choose us…take a look at this breakdown:



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