Tips and Tricks


Our office is located in the Float Haven Health Spa Building in Suite #2 at 110 N. Woodbury Road Pitman, NJ 08071.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This makes sure that we can give you every minute of your session, without the rush! Please bring a drink (in a container that is spill-proof, i.e. screw top bottle) with you. Please take note, our office is on the second floor, and there are stairs, no elevator.



For the early gender Pink or Blue Package, anytime after 12 weeks and before 20 weeks is best.

For the 27-34 week Sweet Baby Face package, optimal time for most mommies will be 30 weeks. If you have a high BMI, we suggest 30-34 for the best pictures. If you are having twins, 27-30 weeks is the best time.



In the 2 weeks before your appointment, try your best to drink 8 glasses of water ( 8 ounces each) or at least 3 bottles of water (20 ounces each) each day. Flavor your water with fruit if you don’t like plain water. If you are well-hydrated, that equals clearer images.



Have a light meal or snack before your visit, and finish it off with a sweet piece of fruit. Bananas, grapes, cherries, figs are best. This will provide a better chance of your baby being awake and active.