Gender Reveal Idea of the Day

Gender Reveal Idea of the Day

Here’s another fun idea for a gender reveal, especially now that Spring is right around the corner (OK maybe that’s just wishful thinking…but it’s soooo cold here lately).  The premise is to have an egg hunt with ONE golden egg, and all the other eggs just regular colored plastic eggs.  To incite people to find […]

Fun idea for a gender reveal

Fun idea for a  gender reveal

We’ve all seen the “balloons in the box”, “cutting the cake (colored icing inside)” and of course, the “shooting something filled with colored paint or powder”.  All of these ideas are awesome. I’m going to get creative with some lesser known ideas, to get you thinking about a unique way to share the happy news. […]

3D Ultrasound Levels Up

Have you seen the difference between standard 3D ultrasound and HD ultrasound? If you have ever seen a 3D fetal sonogram, you are familiar with the prospect of seeing your baby’s features before birth. New technology has emerged, known as HD ultrasound.  HD ultrasound takes the 3D image and transforms it.  Translucency of the skin, […]